The Bealey Family Tree


I’m one of the volunteers working on the Bealey Project. My main purpose here is to accurately draw up the family tree of the Bealeys. As new and interesting things come out of this research I’ll be posting details here!

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2 Responses to The Bealey Family Tree

  1. Ron Patey says:

    HI: have been emailing with Tim West. I have therefore been updating my family tree for Bealeys. I have a potential Bealey line in Australia but I need to find out if there is a link between the ‘mining’ Boxwich Bealeys and Bury Bealeys to clinch it.

    It could be John Bealey, brother of Adam (b 1781) and Joseph (b 1783) Bealeys of Radcliffe (parents being Richard and Alice Crompton). This John may have begat a Joseph and more Johns, all well-t0-do in Boxwich.
    Thanks for any information you may dig up.
    Ron Patey (mother was Barbara Bealey in the Richard Rome line)

  2. Tim West says:

    Hi Ron, glad you’ve found the blog. Your help so far has been much appreciated and I’ll do my best to confirm or not your link to the Boxwich Bealeys!


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