“The Bealey Family” talk at Radcliffe Library

A talk has been produced to tell the story of the Bealey family as extracted from the records and research and will be presented at Radcliffe Library on Monday 15th November, 6.30-7.30. The event is free, just turn up on the night and find out more about one of the towns most famous families.


About bealey

Bury archives has employed a professional project archivist, Gillian Paxton, who is sorting through the papers of the Bealey family and their company The Bealey Bleachworks based in Radcliffe near Bury. These records are being catalogued so they can be made available to the public.
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One Response to “The Bealey Family” talk at Radcliffe Library

  1. Heather Quitmann says:

    I was interested to know that a talk was given at Radcliffe Library but sadly live too far away to attend. Will you be printing anything about this talk? How many people attended and were there any Bealey family members?

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