Last year Bury archives service received a grant of £15,700 as part of the 2009 National Cataloguing Grant scheme. The scheme, funded by the Pilgrim and Esmee Fairbairn trust, is administered by the National Archives. More information about this scheme can be found at http://www.nationalarchives.gov.uk/information-management/our-services/cataloguing-grants-programme.htm

The grant is being used to employ professional project archivist, Gillian Paxton, who will sort through and catalogue the papers of the Bealey family and their company The Bealey Bleach and Chemical Works based in Radcliffe,  so that they can be made available to the public.


4 Responses to About

  1. Nat Alcock says:

    Interesting Blog site – I look forward to future postings.
    One thought for you: The National Portrait Gallery has an enormous index of portrait images and locations, so an easy step to take would be to ask them about any Bealey portraits they know of.

  2. Janet Bradley HUIGE says:

    I believe that my own Bradley family is connected to the Bealeys .
    My great grandfather’s elder brother, Henry BRADLEY , butcher of Rochdale Road , Bury ,married Matilda BEALEY on 18 January 1846 at Bury St Mary. My investigations show that Matilda was the daughter of John BEALEY and Matilda ( NUTTER).
    Does this tie in with anything found in the papers ?
    I shall watch this blog with interest .

  3. Mark Bealey says:

    Very interesting reading, just wondering whether there could be a long lost family connection, as far as my family tree goes back it stops with my fathers father being left on an orphanage doorstep. Could be interesting to find out.


    M. Bealey

  4. Mark Anderton says:

    Thanks for posting this. You mention a Robert Anderton from one of the Bealey Papers who was in the army for a short period, that is my Great Grandads brother (William Anderton). His mother was Martha Ann Anderton (nee Boardman) who is also on the same paper. All from Radcliffe. I can’t find much information on them so this has helped.

    Thanks again.

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